Holland Film Festival

Welcome! The Holland Film Festival 2023 is now open for submissions. The Festival takes place in Bergen Holland. Bergen is a beautiful village known for its painters, poets, writers and other artists. It is a green village near the sea and it is near Amsterdam and the Hague. Bergen is the home town of many film and TV personalities, directors, writers and producers.


What we are looking for is quality, original stories, craftmanship and cinematography. It may sound pedantic, but we want well made films and video with good sound and good lightning. Craftmanship and creativity are both important. We will accept crappy but brilliant stories, as we think ‘story is all’. But remember, a good story well told is worth watching while a good story told bad is a missed opportunity. Don’t let this message keep you from submissing your work. We know you put a lot of effort and love in it and we appreciate that.

We offer screenings, workshops and a market.

  • Fiction
  • Nature, environment
  • Documentary
  • Animation
  • Experimental
  • Thriller
  • Science fiction

We invite young filmmakers to submit their films. This category is for filmmakers from 8-12 and 12-18.
The Festival starts at september 6 and end at september 11 2021. We accept all genres.
Ultra short < 1 min, very short, < 5 min. Rather short < 10 min. Short < 50 min. long >50min.
We also have a first time filmmaker / student category.

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